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Antique Mall Adventures (+ Haul)


Hello! I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! To celebrate, my family took my mom out for lunch and dinner. She also wanted to stop by an Antique Mall because she loves to look around. They had plenty of different items for sale, and I even found a few goodies for myself.

They had a few shops that consisted purely of geeky goodness (comics, action figures, etc.), so I spent most of my time browsing through those. I managed to find two books for $1, as well as a few comic books! I guess I was in a super heroine type of mood, since all of the comic books I selected had females for main characters. They actually had a huge selection of comic books that were organized alphabetically, so it was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just four (I actually meant to only get two, but oh well).

Blog Update 4/24/2016

Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on the blog. I’ve been so busy with school, friends, projects, and other hobbies that blogging has been kind of put behind.

I’m still debating  if I will continue to post on this blog. It’s never really had a set theme, so I think I’d rather have blogs that are more focused. Who knows;  I’m still considering it. I do have a few others that you can follow if you’re interested.

Hope and Poetry

  • This is my blog of poetry. I’ve had this one for a while, and I still continue to post occasionally.

Mermaids and Plastics

  • This semester, I decided that it would be fun to make more of an environmental-themed blog. This was only recently created and is a work in progress, so there’s not really any posts yet. I plan on including environmental tips, awareness, meat-free recipes, and environmental-themed art. Check it out if you’re interested; I should be working on it more over the summer once my finals are over.

I also run my Quidditch teams blog/social media, so feel free to look that up as well (UNCW Quidditch).

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great day!

Turning 21


Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts-as always, the start of a school year always seems to take up my time. One thing that distracted me was my birthday. Last Tuesday (January 26th), I turned 21! Most of my friends are older than me, so I was excited to finally be old enough to purchase alcohol.

I had a pretty amazing birthday! I started off my day with my four classes; I couldn’t wait to be finished with the last one. Then, I found a surprise package of chocolate covered strawberries that my mom had ordered for me in my mailbox. Chocolate covered strawberries are one of my favorite dessert foods, so I was quite excited.  I also picked up my free birthday Starbucks drink so I could be highly caffeinated for other activities.

Latest Funko Additions


Hello everyone! I’ve finally settled back into my college apartment after spending most of December at home with my family. I didn’t do much over my break; it was mostly spent relaxing and engaging in my multiple hobbies. Then, of course, there was Christmas. My family ended up opening presents on the evening of Christmas Eve instead of actually on Christmas, but I was fine with that. We normally open presents after Christmas since we used to spend it at my grandmother’s house (who lived 8-10 hours away from us) so opening them early this year seemed fair. Plus, we were then able to sleep in on Christmas morning.

For Christmas, I received two more Pop Vinyls to add to my collection: Tenth Doctor and Regina.  There are so many different collections of Funko Pop Vinyl’s out there from fandoms I enjoy. I was definitely excited to get these!

Day in the Life #1: Off to the Bakery


I’d like to introduce to you all a new type of post for my blog called “Day in the Life”. The name is pretty self-explanatory; these posts will basically be a place where I write about my day and take lots of fun pictures. Hopefully they’ll be interesting? I don’t know, we’ll see. I’m also not sure how often these will be posted; I’ll have to see how my school schedule works out next semester.